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avis Hoover Dam, The VT 8272 # 2 Empire State Building, The VT 8273 # 3 Golden Gate Bridge, The 30-Minute Blue Eyed DVD Color/B W (VT 9815) On Complete Blue Eyed DVD. Focuses on the following: the Cold War, Nikita Khruschev, Nixon. (Beacon) 1986 VHS Color (VT 4986) History in the Making : The 1980s series. Focuses on the following: enlistment for Korea, the Korean War, bomb shelters, suburbia, fashion, fast food restaurants, drive-ins, television, and favorite commercials. Focuses on the following: imperialism, the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Socialism, the Panama Canal, and frontier life, the growth of cities, Jim Crow laws, Booker. Johnson VT 9912 #12 Richard. Reflects on the major events of 1983, from the first woman in space to the first black Miss America. (VT 6444) It Pays To Get Smart (VT 6009) Lesson They'll Never Forget, A (VT 4569) Lost in the Jungle (VT 6616) Mid-Life Moms (VT 6444) New Life for Andrew, A (VT 6619) New Mothers Nightmare (VT.

Printed material on the series is available through IMS under Holiday Lecture series. (Beacon) 1989 VHS Color (VT 4989) History in the Making : 1980s series. Focuses on the following: the Depression, the Bonus Army, Roosevelts New Deal, the repeal of Prohibition, the war in Europe, the Civilian Conservation orgie gay ttbm 20 5 Corps, the Dust Bowl, the floods of 1936, Jesse Owens, the Lindbergh kidnapping,.
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  • (AGC Video) 1980 VHS Color (VT 4980) History in the Making : The 1980s series. (AGC Video) VHS Color (VT 7215) #5: History in Focus. (Amazon) 9/11 DVD Color 1 (VT 8812) Follows the events of September 11, 2001, through the video camera lenses of brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet. (Beacon) 1983 VHS Color (VT 4983) History in the Making : The 1980s series. Examines the disconnect between parents and children, generations, siblings and friends.


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